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Europasta SE is the largest brand manufacturer of pasta. Our key brands are Adriana, Zátkovy, Rosické and Ideál.

Europasta SE consists of two production divisions, one in Litovel and the second in Boršov nad Vltavou. The production covers all pasta segments: egg, egg-free, semolina and whole wheat, organic and the two-minute variant. The milling segment includes wheat flour and dehydrated semolina. We also supply rye flour to bakery companies.

A significant part of Europasta’s business is the production of private label pasta for fast growing retail chains in the Central European region. The company’s advantage is its central location in this region and a very good raw material base of both durum wheat flour (semolina) and soft wheat flour.

Most of the production is concentrated in the Litovel division. The capacity in continuous operation is up to 100 000 tonnes per year. Production here is as automated as possible. Pasta is produced on 5 modern lines from where it goes to an automatic warehouse.

The company’s milling division in Boršov nad Vltavou is mainly a source of raw material, i.e. soft wheat flour, for pasta production. The mill has a capacity of 60 000 tonnes per year. The mill also supplies customers on the open market, particularly in the South Bohemia region, predominantly bakery companies. Europasta is also an active supplier of consumer packaged flour and dehydrated semolina to the Czech market.


Produtos alimentares Cerealis S.A. (cerealis.pt)

The Portuguese shareholder of the company is the only industrial pasta producer in Portugal with two production plants in Porto. Cerealis was founded by José Alves de Amorim and Manuel Gonçalves. In addition to pasta production, the company is a major milling company, producer of breakfast cereals and biscuits. The company has been a shareholder of Europasta since 2010.

PH Finance, s.r.o. (Ing. Pavel Hrdina)

Pavel Hrdina, a Czech investor, joined Bratři Zátkové, a.s., as a shareholder in 2000 through the newly established Europasta B.V. He also served as Chairman of the Board of Management and CEO of Europasta SE, where he was responsible for the strategic and operational management of the company.

Since September 2020, Ing. Bohumil Vráblík, Ph.D., the company’s CEO, has been authorized to represent Europasta SE.

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